WordPress Web Design Made Easy: Intermediate Level – (Part II of WordPress Made Easy Series): Designed with the latest version of WordPress 4.5.3 – (Intermediate Level) – Also includes bonus material

WordPress Web Design Made Easy For 2016 – Intermediate Level

Designed with the updated and latest version of WordPress 4.5.x

Have you ever wanted to make your own website?

I will show you how to make a professional looking website step by step with pictures included:

Here are the topics that will be covered in the amazing ebook:

1. Introduction

2. What is WordPress?

3. Why are so many people using WordPress?

4. Why should I use WordPress?

5. What is a domain name?

6. How to choose a domain name

7. What is web hosting?

8. Different types of web hosting

9. Important features for web hosting

10. How to set up domain name and hosting

11. Logging in to your control panel

12. How to install WordPress

13. Logging in to your WordPress dashboard

14. How to install the Vantage Theme

15. Installing the page builder plugin

16. Installing the premium vantage theme

17. Installing your plug ins

18. Adding your header

19. Adjusting the menu

20. Adding pages to your website

21. Adding images to your pages

22. Setting up your Image Slider

23. Adding the Image Slider to different pages

24. Adjusting the home page icons

25. Adjusting the headline widget

26. How to delete post loop and text area

27. Adding a footer to your website

28. Web Design Resources

29. Conclusion

In this eBook I have also included:

– Bonus Material

– Ask A Question Section

– Free Access to our Online Web Design Class

– Step by step pictures

Just these bonuses here are well worth the $1.99

Wait there is more:

I will personally answer your questions from our Ask A Question Section and I have included the link to our YouTube channel that consist of Web Design Tutorials.

These tutorials cover the range from a complete beginner to web design all the way to someone who has been working on websites for a while.

My goal is to teach you how to create your own website.


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