WordPress Tutorials (Smashing eBook Series 12)

You’ve probably already gathered a lot of knowledge on how to improve your WordPress skills, but applying this on your own might be a complicated process. Reading this eBook #12 WordPress Tutorials will facilitate putting all this knowledge into practice. Through the accurate methods which were exclusively selected by our editorial team, you will certainly acquire the expertise you need for your future WordPress publishing projects without any complications.

For instance, you will learn not only how to create custom post meta boxes in WordPress, but also to use them with any post type, handle with data validation, save custom meta data and retrieve meta data on the front-end. Besides, you will be able to design tabs on WordPress setting pages and develop native administrative tables the right way.

Two exclusive sections show that it is possible to go beyond simple posts and pages. You will learn how to establish a media site and how to manage it on a WordPress website. In the first part, the focus is on setup custom post types and custom taxonomies — without plugins. The second part focuses more on using custom taxonomy templates to organize and relate media. And last but not least, a detailed introduction on how to perform using an open-source software called bbPress is included, which was originally created as a standalone alternative for forums.

– How To Create Tabs On WordPress Settings Pages
– Create Native Admin Tables In WordPress The Right Way
– How To Build A Media Site On WordPress (Part 1)
– How To Build A Media Site On WordPress (Part 2)
– How To Create Custom Post Meta Boxes In WordPress
– Getting Started With bbPress
– WordPress Multisite: Practical Functions And Methods
– Writing the Perfect WordPress Readme.txt
– Integrating Amazon S3 with WordPress

Pages: 183
Language: English
Released: November 2011
Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH

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