WordPress Tutorial – Start as Beginner & Become Expert in Less than 30 minutes: No Coding Skills required…

This WordPress guide for Website development is a complete guide for web designers, developers, individuals who want to begin building and administering sites with WordPress. We have written this guide with you in mind. And by “You”, we mean everyone- students, who wish to make their own portfolio to show the world their potential and talents; adults, who have decided to open a new business or a company and want some recognition among the targeted audience; developers, who wish to create a fully functional website and want to show their coding talent.
If you want –
To Learn WordPress from basic and become expert quickly
To Develop Website by your own
Want to become Expert in WordPress and design website for others
Don’t want to learn any coding skills

Then, you are on the right page.

This book covers everything you must know to create any website or to become successful expert Web developer using WordPress (WP). It covers from very basic elements of WP like what is post, pages, plugin, sidebars etc. Then takes you to very expert skills like making your website mobile-friendly, Backing Up your site, making site spam free with easy steps, linking to social media and lot more…

This book is a Gist of very expert studies on WP without missing any essentials for successful web designer.

I am sure this book will give you full expertise in WordPress in very short amount of time.

You don’t need Kindle device to read this book, You can read this book on your pc, mac, phone or iPad by using Free Kindle app from amazon.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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