WordPress Business Freelancing: Top Tips to Get Started Making Money With WordPress Today! (web design & home based business opportunities Book 1)

WordPress Business Freelancing

Top Tips to Get Started Making Money With WordPress Today!

Is a guide packed with real world tips to help with your freelance business.

In this book I outline some of the pitfalls, and the powerful techniques, that I’ve used over my 7+ years as a WordPress freelancer.

WordPress powers 74.6 million websites globally, and is also estimated that 18.9% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress.

This basically means there is an overflow of potential customers, and money to be made servicing WordPress customers!

The techniques used in this book will help you overcome many issues that are related to the freelancing process. It will also help you uncover potential opportunities that will help your web design business, make more money with WordPress.

Basically I approached this book as a quick-start guide with tips that I wish someone, would have told me 7+ years ago, when I first got started in freelance web design.

Freelancing can be hard work, but there also tons of benefits and opportunities, especially the financial and location freedom.
If you are looking to work from home, and have experience with WordPress and web design, this book is for you!

This book is for you if you:

  • Want to make money online?
  • Want to learn how to start a web design business?
  • Are starting a WordPress freelance business?
  • Are a new WordPress Freelancer?
  • You are struggling with your existing WordPress business?
  • Would like to avoid common freelance pitfalls, saving you time?
  • Are interested in techniques that will help earn you more money?
  • Your WordPress freelance business is struggling, and want to know a few pointers?
  • Are looking to work from home, and start a WordPress business?
  • Are looking to learn how to make money with web design and WordPress?
  • Are a web designer and want to offer WordPress services?

This book also contains links to WordPress resources that will help your freelance projects excel.

Click the link above to get started with WordPress freelancing!

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