How to Use WordPress in 5 Minutes

Already know WordPress? As we know at this time wordpress is one of the CMS (Content Management System) the most widely used to build blogs or websites. WordPress is used because of the ease with which offered starting from the installation process, use or development. WordPress is also equipped with a variety of plugins that can be downloaded for free or paid for your comfort and convenience in managing blogs. Little information about wordpress may increase your knowledge for those who just want to learn wordpress.

Learn WordPress

WordPress is an open source technology that is very popular and is currently used by a wide range of users both personal and corporate needs as a blog engine. WordPress is built using the PHP programming language and MySQL database. In addition to the blog, WordPress also began to be used as a CMS (Content Management System) because of its ability to be modified and adapted to the needs of its users. WordPress is now a platform for several well-known web sites such as CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and other.

WordPress has two different addresses, namely and is a blog service site using WordPress engine. By registering on the website, the user does not need to do any installation or configuration that is hard enough. Users can create their own blog quickly and have your own website address. For example : To register, you can do so at Unfortunately, users cannot change the standard template that you have prepared. That is, the user cannot add any accessories other than those already provided. However, the features provided by are good. is an application that can be downloaded. You can download the application at In this address, you can download the application and all files CMS WordPress. Furthermore, a CMS can be changed during the by someone have knowledge of PHP, CSS and other scripts that accompany it. can be used by users who want to modify WordPress according to own needs or would like to create a blog using your own server and address.

Display wordpress generally contains:

  • Blog post, a collection of articles written based on the time sequence. Often shortened to post. This blog post is the major part of a blog (blog content).
  • Blog page, is a static page and not on the basis of the chronology timeline.
  • Blog comment, the comments are filled out by visitors to the blog.
  • RSS feed, or often called RSS (Rich Site Summary), which contains a summary of the entire content of your blog, and can be distributed to other websites. Display the RSS feed of this blog is

Some uses of wordpress

  • Free, GPL (General Public License), WordPress can be used or modified to restart freely. To get the WordPress software only needs to be downloaded from their site free of charge, even for commercial blog though.
  • Quickly indexed by the Google search engine, used by companies that are building the company’s image.
  • Theme that is easily replaced. You can use the themes of many developers or build your own theme.
  • Can be installed on a personal computer, making it suitable for those who are learning to build websites.
  • It looks simple so his website is easy for managed.
  • Export import feature making it easy for data backup or move data from several types of specific CMS.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Have a lot of plug-ins that can be used, such as maximizing SEO, blocking a specific IP, picture gallery or video, etc.

Advantages And Features Of WordPress

WordPress has many advantages and features, among others:

  • Based open source code (open source). Users can use a sequence of code-code compilers software WordPress is free, so that advanced users who have a good programming capabilities can be free to do modifications, can even develop their own program the WordPress more as you wish.
  • The templates are easily modified according to the wishes of the user. If the user has knowledge of HTML, users can create their own templates. For users who do not understand HTML, can select thousands of templates that are freely available on the internet, whether free or paid.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can be used for multiple users. So WordPress is also often used for community blog.
  • For users who already have a blog address, for example in Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, or users can import the contents of the blog-the blog address to blog hosting using WordPress software.
  • Community support for WordPress.
  • There are many plugins are always evolving. The WordPress plugin is an additional program that can be integrated with WordPress to provide other functions not available in the standard installation. SEO plugin for example, anti-spam, web counters, photo albums.
  • The ability to be able to bring up the XML, XHTML, and CSS standards.
  • The existence of the permalink structure that allows the search engines to recognize the structure of the blog.
  • Supports multiple categories for one article. One article in WordPress can be entered into multiple categories. By multi category, search and access information becomes easier.
  • Trackback and Pingback. Also has the ability to do automatic Ping (RPC Ping) to the various search engines and web directory, so that the website created with WordPress will sooner ter index on search engines.
  • WordPress provides a fairly complete text management. Style of the text in most word processing software such as bolded, italicized, right align, left align, link available on WordPress.
  • Static pages.
  • Supports LaTeX.
  • Have a good optimization abilities on search engines (Search Engine Optimizer).

A little information about WordPress, may be able to increase your knowledge for those who want to learn and use WordPress. Happy Blogging.

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