How to create a professional WordPress website

NOW UPDATED FOR 2016! If you are a small business owner or a hopeful Internet entrepreneur, this tutorial would be immensely helpful to build a great-looking fully customizable professional website packed with features you would spend thousands of dollars to have implemented within your website.
The first challenge is, how do you build that website without needing to learn how to do computer programming or having to sell your first-born to get a website built for you? The second challenge is, how do you get a professionally-designed and beautiful website built that won’t cost you mega-bucks per month to maintain? Because let’s face it, it is hard to justify the high costs of building an elaborate website, when you are not yet sure a website will be a good investment of your time and money. The good news is that there is a better – and much less expensive – way to get a beautiful website made, with just a few clicks of your mouse.
WordPress started in 2003, with the goal of providing ordinary people a simple way to build a website for free. Today, WordPress is being used on millions of websites, including those of many Fortune 500 companies. The beautiful thing about WordPress as a website content management system is that it is a fully-customizable experience, and it is very easy to use. WordPress Themes define how a website will look – they cover website layout, color schemes, font colors, and page display elements. With over 2,000 Themes currently available, it is very easy to change the appearance of a website. With just the click of a mouse button you can change the look, feel and layout of your entire website without affecting the content. What used to take days to get looking right, now takes only minutes. WordPress Plugins add functionality to a website – what you want the website to do for you or your visitors. With over 43,000 Plugins available, you will find that you can make your website do a lot of specialized tasks for you or your visitors. And with the power of plugins, you can add functionality to your website – track users and what they do, take online orders, manage content in new and unique ways – and more.
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What you’ll learn in this book:
How to register your own domain and get the right WordPress hosting
How to install WordPress with a few clicks of the mouse
How to create a professional-looking, commerce-ready website with very little effort
How to add and format your content
How to use graphics and images
All about themes, plugins, widgets and other WordPress tools
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