Hack Web Design in 1 Day: A Thesis Theme 2.1 Tutorial for WordPress Users: Learn How to Make Custom Website and Blog Designs Fast

What if you can’t afford to hire a $2,000 web designer?

What happens then?

You either pay some outrageous monthly fee for a website template or you install a free WordPress theme and hope for the best.

Or worse yet, you could spend forever trying to learn web design.

No matter which you choose, you’re never happy about your website or blog design. And what’s worse is you know it’s holding you back from conversions, sales, opt-ins, likes, shares, tweets, and really success.

Your content can be great but if people get the wrong vibe from your site, they’ll never give it a chance.

The solution: Hack Web Design in 1 Day

In this step-by-step tutorial of Thesis Theme 2.1, I show you exactly how I made two great looking WordPress designs after struggling for a week to figure everything out.

What is Thesis Theme 2.1?

This is a revolutionary WordPress Theme/Framework that gives you unprecedented ability to both control your site’s design and your content structure.

Not only is Thesis flexible but almost all Thesis sites are responsive meaning your designs will be mobile-friendly out of the box.

This is huge for 2 big reasons:

1) Google now factors in how responsive your website is in the search engine rankings (so SEO benefits)
2) The web is increasingly evolving towards mobile devices (phones and tablets) so you need to have a responsive website anyways

Purchasing Thesis is key to this hack but sadly, it’s impossible for beginners to find fast tutorials that will help them understand and leverage Thesis ASAP.

That’s why I wrote Hack Web Design in 1 Day.

I take the incredible power of Thesis and put a beginner friendly tutorial with over 40 screenshots that tell you exactly how I made my websites. Not only that but I make another design while I take you from Thesis install to custom design in less than an hour.

To see the designs I created, click on the black and yellow book cover above and checkout the free preview.

Will this be a long, boring book that doesn’t really show me what to do?

Absolutely NOT!!!

My philosophy on teaching is to get right to the point and show you EXACTLY what to do.

In this book, I give you my Custom CSS code as I write it.

This way, you can copy my template setup exactly as I have it. The beauty is you can still create your own custom Thesis skin by incorporating your own colors, header, layout size, layout structure, and background image.

There’s no way I could cover every last detail – not that I know them all – but what I could do is give you everything you need to create a great looking website out of the gates SO I DID!


1. Thesis is a premium theme/framework. It costs $87-$197. I’ll discuss price and my recommendation more in the book.

2. This guide doesn’t attempt to write an encyclopedia on web design. Rather, I just walk you through how I designed my WordPress blogs and explore some of the options you have.

3. Thesis is surprisingly lightweight and loads quickly. Thesis also incorporates markup schema which gives it a notable advantage when it comes to ranking in Google.


Hack Web Design in 1 Day is a no-nonsense, no fluff tutorial that will empower you to make a custom design for your site or blog in less than 24 hours with Thesis 2.1 framework.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This book is a no-risk purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you have seven full days to get a full refund.

Recommended Viewing

While this book reads fine in Kindle, I recommend reading on Amazon’s free Kindle app for your desktop as many large screen shots are included.

You can download the Kindle app here:


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