Before You Write Another Blog Post: A content strategy guide for corporate bloggers

Your next blog post will either be a huge content marketing success or a huge waste of time. Why leave it to chance?

Your company’s blog hinges more on how you plan your content than it does on how you write your content.

When you plan your blog posts right:

  • You make more money
  • You get more traffic
  • You grow your business
  • You make better decisions (and learn more from your failures)

When you don’t plan:

  • You lose your audience
  • You are vulnerable to competitors
  • Your writers waste their time
  • You miss out on long-term traffic

This book walks you through the process of strategically planning every post on your company blog.

This guidebook will give you and your marketing team a game plan for coming up with blog post ideas and ruthlessly vetting out the duds. You’ll learn how to out-write your competitors. You’ll learn how to produce more content than you ever thought you could. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to set up every future blog post to bring in more traffic and revenue.

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